Soft Water solution for Single Storey Independent Houses

There are two ways to install a Water Softener in an Independent house :

1. On the roof top along with the overhead tank.

In such cases, the water softener unit is installed just before the inlet of the storage tank. Raw water first enters the water softener where it gets treated for hardness ions. Soft water enters the tank and fills it. In this way, the entire house gets a supply of soft water.



2.On the ground itself

Some people prefer to keep the water softener unit on the ground itself if they have adequate space. In such cases the water softener unit is connected with the outlet of the motor. Hard water from the motor enters the water softener and after getting treated, goes to the overhead storage tank.



In case there are traces of sand in the groundwater then it is recommended to install a Sand Filter unit before the Water Softener so that the entire sand is trapped before it enters the Water Softener.

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