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A water softener is used to melt hard water by eradicating the minerals that trigger the water to be hard.
Water softeners are particular ion exchangers which might be designed to take away ions, that are positively charged (primarily calcium (Ca2+) and magnesium (Mg2+).

Ion change resins are very small porous spherical plastic beads. The polymer construction of the resin bead comprises a hard and fast detrimental ion that’s completely hooked up. This can’t be eliminated. Each negatively charged change website can maintain a positively charged ion. In this case, sodium which has a constructive cost is hooked up to the change website (detrimental and constructive expenses appeal to one another).



The calcium and magnesium ions current in hard water have a stronger constructive cost than the sodium ion. As a outcome, the calcium and magnesium have a handed by the resin beads, stronger attraction to the negatively charged resin bead than sodium does. Hence when hard water is the sodium ion is then ‘kicked off the resin bead and the calcium and magnesium ions take its place and get hooked up to the bead). In easy phrases we are able to say that the calcium and magnesium ions are exchanged for sodium ions. Hence the hard water turns into soft water because the water doesn’t include any calcium or magnesium ions.

Examples :

water softener dealers in Delhi
water softener dealers

                                                Ion Exchange Process

water softener dealers in Gurgaon
water softener dealers in Gurgaon

                       Water Softener in Running Mode (Service Mode)

water softener Service center in Noida
water softener service center in Noida

Water Softener – Service Mode When the water softener is offering soft water, it is alleged to be in Service mode.

During this Service cycle, water first enters the resin-stuffed vessel from the highest. The cations or the Calcium and Magnesium ions (hardness minerals) are instantly attracted in direction of the resin the place the sodium ions are exchanged for the calcium and magnesium ions. Soft water flows out from the outlet.

This ion change takes place layer clever.(see diagram earlier than) The prime layer will get depleted of the sodium ions first adopted by the decrease layers.

Slowly your complete mattress of resin is depleted of sodium ions since all resin beads get lined with calcium and magnesium ions.
Now It is time to regenerate the water softener resins.

water softener Service center in delhi
water softener Service center in delhi


Water Softener – Regeneration Mode Eventually your complete resin beads develop into saturated with hardness mineral cations of calcium and magnesium. At this level the water softener resin beads have to be replenished with sodium ions.

This means of replenishing the resin beads with sodium ions is named regeneration.

During this course, the resin beads are washed with a robust salt water solution. This salt water solution is named Brine.

As the brine will get in touch with the resin beads, the sodium within the brine forces the calcium and magnesium to be launched and discharged as waste.
After someday your complete beads are as soon as once more coated utterly with sodium ions.


water softener Service center in gurgaon
water softener Service center in gurgaon

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